Symptoms of A Bellyache That Should Prompt You to Take Your Pup to The Vet Clinic

Being a pet owner not only means attending to your pup's needs, but you are also responsible for anticipating these needs. And while this may seem straightforward when it comes to matters such as taking your animal for a walk, feeding them and ensuring they remain hydrated, it is not as easy to discern what the underlying issue is when your pup falls ill. As such, some pet owners resort to keeping an eye on their dogs in hopes that they will feel better.

In reality, though, some disorders will require swift medical attention if your pup is to get some relief. One such disorder is a stomach upset. Certainly, some tummy aches may pass once your pet has a bowel movement. Nonetheless, to make sure that you are not overlooking a serious problem, here are some symptoms of a bellyache that should prompt you to take your pup to the vet clinic.

Persistent vomiting

Dogs will vomit on occasion for an array of reasons. Usually, a healthy dog will throw up once in a while due to ingesting something that is not agreeable to their stomach. You should also know that the occasional vomiting will come about when they have gobbled down their food too quickly or if they have been snacking on grass. When this happens, your dog will typically not have any other alarming symptoms and instead will go about its day as if nothing happened.

What should be a cause for concern is when the vomiting becomes persistent, as this could indicate a stomach bug. Moreover, when the vomiting is accompanied by recurring diarrhoea, you should take your animal to a vet clinic immediately, as these symptoms could be a red flag of a bacterial infection.

Offensive breath

Dogs do not have the most fragrant breath, which is because they do not have the best oral hygiene. If you do not take measures to keep their teeth free of plaque and food debris, you can expect your pup's breath to smell quite foul. However, you should bear in mind that any worsening of this odour could be indicative of a potential stomach upset. When your dog ingests foods they are not accustomed to, for example, fatty foods, spicy foods and the like, their stomach will produce more acid than normal, which leads to discomfort.

Typically, the higher the acidity levels in their gut, the worse their breath will smell. Certainly, a change in how their breath smells could also be a sign of a dental problem. Whatever the case, it is vital you take your pet to a vet clinic so that a medical professional can get to the root of the problem and administer the required course of treatment.

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