Importance of Dog Vaccinations

Just like human beings, dogs require regular vaccinations. The vaccinations strengthen their immunity, making it easy for them to fight different infections and diseases. When you do not observe the necessary pet vaccinations, you risk losing your dog to severe illnesses, and you risk your health too. If you have a dog or you are planning to purchase one, read on to know more about dog vaccinations.

Benefits of dog vaccinations

• Protects the dog from diseases

Many terminal diseases could affect the health of your pet. The vaccinations help the dog to have strong immunity, hence reducing the chances of the dog getting new infections. Dogs should get treatments in all stages of their lives.

• It is a law requirement

All states in Australia require dog owners to vaccinate their dogs. The law requirement applies to all types of dogs, whether they stay indoors or outdoors. The main aim of the law is to keep the pet safe for your family and the public at large.

• Saves you money

If you own a dog or any other pet, you probably know that pet maintenance costs are high. It will not be economical for you to give the dog food, clean it, and still keep on treating various diseases. Some illnesses, such as rabies, are costly to treat, and it therefore financially wise to vaccinate your pet.

The main vaccinations for dogs

• Rabies vaccination

This is the primary vaccination for dogs. It is usually administered to puppies upon attaining three months of age. The vaccination is also administered when the dogs achieve one year. After that, the dogs get the rabies vaccination every three years.

• Leptospirosis vaccine

Leptospirosis is a common infection that can quickly spread from dogs to humans. It gets to dogs through water, especially when infected pets urinate in the water. A leptospirosis vaccine protects dogs against the disease.

• Lyme disease vaccine

Ticks transmit Lyme disease. The illness is quite severe, and it can be fatal if not treated early. The Lyme disease vaccine protects dogs against the disease.

• Other vaccines

Other crucial dog vaccinations include the rattlesnake vaccine, canine parvovirus vaccination, kennel cough vaccination, distemper vaccination, and more.

Dog vaccination has many benefits. If you are planning to purchase a dog, look for an experienced veterinary to explain to you the laws that govern dog vaccination in your state. An excellent veterinary officer will explain to you all the types of vaccines ideal for your dog, and also administer them to your pet well.

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